According to this Politico report from yesterday Senator Perdue, working with Donald Trump, White House Advisor Stephen Miller, and Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas are planning to introduce corrosive legislation to reduce “legal” immigration by half.

Going after not only the core of America’s founding and identity but also achieving the destruction of America’s immigration system by no longer allowing families to reunite Senator Perdue is enhancing his RAISE Act introduced this past February.

Please take a moment to contact Senator Perdue and let him know that you are disappointed in the direction he is taking our state and country.

Please call Senator Perdue at 404 865 0087 and state….. My name is Your Name and I am calling from Your City. Please tell the Senator that I am profoundly disappointed in his participation with the White House to tear apart immigrant families and reduce immigration to the U.S. It is deeply un-American to shut the door to refugees and immigrants.

After calling send an email to Senator Perdue with the following (or a personal version of it) and the drop down topic of “Immigration” and the subject line “Refugees and Immigrants”:


I am very concerned to learn about your role in working with Donald Trump, White House Advisor Stephen Miller, and Senator Cotton to undermine the U.S. and our immigration system through reducing by half the number of immigrants allowed into the U.S. by tearing apart families and limiting entry to those fleeing persecution.  

Slamming the doors on refugees and immigrants is fundamentally un-American and ignores the tenets of who we are as a nation and the history of our founding. The United States is a country of refugees and immigrants with a long, proud history of providing safe refuge for the world’s most vulnerable fleeing conflict and persecution. Our country has benefited tremendously, not only economically, but also culturally and socially, by every immigrant who has arrived to our nation.

I support the welcoming of refugees and immigrants into the U.S. and Georgia and expect you as my elected representative to the U.S. Senate to reflect those same ideals. Please take a vocal and public stance against all forms of discrimination and support increases, not reductions, in immigration and refugee arrivals. 

Your Name

Remember to change Your Name to your name.