Our friends at Better Georgia have articulated an excellent call to action over the concerns of the Senate’s healthcare bill known as TrumpCare.

The Senate health care bill, or Trumpcare, would force more Georgia hospitals to close their doors to communities that desperately need them. Lives will be lost. The health care bill would slash Medicaid and leave almost a million Georgians uninsured. Uninsured patients put financial pressure on our rural hospitals, causing them to close and inevitably leading to more deaths when Georgia patients are unable to find effective, timely and nearby health care. As of April, seven hospitals in rural Georgia have closed in the past four years. Now that the Jenkins Medical Center in Millen closed, the nearest hospital for the Millen community is now 20 miles away in a different county.  

According to CNN, more than 50 percent of Georgia’s rural hospitals are in danger of closing. “These hospitals are hanging on by their fingernails,” said Maggie Elehwany, vice president of government affairs for the National Rural Health Association. “If you leave this legislation as is, it’s a death sentence for individuals in rural America.” When Stewart-Webster Hospital, the only hospital in Richland, closed in 2013, it left about 70 people without jobs and an entire community without life-saving care and a sense of safety. “Time is essential,” said Dr. Alluri Raju, the hospital’s chief of staff. “We’re going to lose some patients on the way because they cannot get the care in a reasonable amount of time.”

Please take a moment today to contact Senator Isakson and ask him to vote NO on the health care bill..

Please call Senator Isakson at 770 661-0999 and state…..

Please ask the Senator to protect Medicaid and rural hospitals in Georgia by voting no on the Senate’s TrumpCare health bill.

After calling please send an email to Senator Isakson with the following (or a personal version of it) with the drop down menu topic “Health Care” and the subject line “TrumpCare”:


I am writing in opposition to the Senate’s version of H.R. 1628 misnamed the “Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017” or more aptly named “Trumpcare”. Please vote no on this version of the bill and take a vocal leadership stance against this bill that will exclude almost 1 million Georgians from receiving health care, shutter many of our rural hospitals, and drive up health costs and doctor wait times for all of us.  

Thank You,

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