You may recall our urgent request from June 13, 2017 regarding H.R.2826 – the misnamed “Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act”. June 14, 2017 was the same day of the shooting during the congressional baseball practice and the scheduled committee meeting was postponed.

Now the House Judiciary Committee will be voting in committee today on H.R.2826, the “Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act”.

H.R.2826, the “Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act” would drastically reduce refugee admissions, place refugees under continual surveillance after they have arrived, and delay family reunification and integration by tripling the amount of time refugees have to wait until they receive green cards.

From Georgia there are two members of the House Judiciary Committee.

Rep. Doug Collins 202-225-9893 @RepDougCollins
Rep. Hank Johnson, Jr. 202-225-1605 @RepHankJohnson

Please take a moment this morning to call them BOTH – EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN THEIR DISTRICT – and state…. Please let the Congressman know I support refugee resettlement I urge the Congressman to vote no on H.R.2826, the “Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act,” being considered by the House Judiciary Committee. Thank you.