Thank you to everyone who attended the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies World Refugee Day Commemoration event on Saturday morning at Refuge Coffee in Clarkston.

At the height of the event we easily had over 250 people in attendance.

Among the many supporters and outstanding speakers in attendance was Congressman Hank Johnson providing the refugee community with his leadership and support.

Even if you are not a constituent please call Congressman Johnson today and thank him for his support of the refugee community.

Please call 770 987-2291 and state…..Please thank the Congressman for speaking at the CRSA World Refugee Day Commemoration event on Saturday. I appreciate his support for refugees in Georgia.

If you are a constituent please also send the following email to Congressman Johnson (you will need your zip code extension to do so)……

Congressman Johnson,

Thank you for your leadership in supporting DeKalb County’s World Refugee Day proclamation presented on Saturday at the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies World Refugee Day Commemoration event. I applaud your support of the refugee community in Georgia and your backing of continued refugee resettlement and hospitality to those fleeing persecution.

Soon, President Trump will have the opportunity to decide how many refugees can enter the United States in 2018. Early indications are that this could be as low as 50,000 people – less than half the number that was previously approved. A reduction of this scale would have devastating consequences for tens of thousands of families who have fled war and merciless persecution. 

The refugee resettlement program has historically received broad bipartisan support and is a shining example of American values of generosity and welcome. Communities around the country continue to stand up for this proud tradition. Like many of our ancestors, refugees come to the United States with nothing but their dignity, hope and determination. They are people like the refugees who spoke during the World Refugee Day event alongside you. With the support of their new community in Georgia, refugees are proving to be some of our most valuable neighbors.

In light of today’s unfortunate and unwelcoming rhetoric targeting refugees and immigrants, the need for leaders like yourself supporting our work is more important than ever.

Thank You,

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