On our way to 100,000 calls to Congress this week please call 1-844-4STAND5 (1-844-478-2635) THREE times again today. Once for your Congressman and Twice for each Senator. Please call in using the above number individually each time as you will be connected with the office and once the call is completed you will hang up and start over again until all three are completed.

This number has been specifically set up to tally the number of calls made nationwide this week. You may have your Congressman and Senator saved in your phone but please this week use 1-844-478-2635 so we can reach the 100,000 goal.

Call 1-844-478-2635 and follow the prompts:

  1. Enter your 5 digit zip code
  2. Enter 1 to speak to your Congressman. If more than one Congressman represents your zip code you will be giving a choice of the Congressman who represents that zip code. If you are unsure who your Congressman it is best if you look up your Congressman before you call to ensure you are getting correct person. Note if you live in District 6 you will be connected to the currently unfilled office but you can still leave a message. The winner will get the message once they take office. 
  3. Enter 2 to speak to Senator Isakson or Senator Perdue.
  4. Enter 1 to speak to Senator Isakson
  5. Enter 2 to speak to Senator Perdue
  6. Enter 1 to repeat (if needed)
  7. Enter 2 to be connected.
  8. Relay the message and Repeat until all three calls are made.

Once connected please let the staff person know: My name is (your name) and I live in (your city) and I am calling ahead of World Refugee Day on June 20th to let the (Senator/Congressman) know I support refugees in Georgia. Does he know that last year, our local refugee agencies helped 470 new Americans, most of them refugees, become citizens. They also helped over 5,000 new Americans register to vote. I am proud to have refugees not just as my neighbors, but as fellow citizens in Georgia. Thank you.

If perchance you receive voicemail please leave the same message or call back later (or both).


Georgia Advocacy Action