Bringing to your attention this outstanding AJC op-ed from Friday June 9 you may have missed: Opinion: ATL anti-Sharia rally sets bad example for children.

Written by Aasees Kaur of Atlanta and a community development fellow at the Sikh Coalition, the nation’s largest Sikh American civil rights organization. Mr. Kaur wrote this article in anticipation of a series of anti-Muslim public events held by the white supremacist group Act for America in over 20 cities nationwide, including one in Atlanta, yesterday Saturday June 10.

Participants in the national marches have made utterly revolting public comments such as “We need to reclassify islam [sic] as a terrorist hate group, not a religion. It is an evil ideology invented by a murderous, insane pedophile!!!” and “Muslim men are brought up with cravings of rape, child sex, and sex slaves, etc.” and “Like a cancer in the body they are a cancer to our Nation [sic].”

Other known white nationalist anti-government militant hate groups such as Oath Keepers and III%ers provided “security” during the Atlanta event. True to form as co-chair of Donald Trump’s Georgia campaign State Senator Michael Williams unabashedly posed with members of the Georgia’s III% militia after the Piedmont Park event, where he urged voters to “unite” against Sharia law – cementing his position as the white nationalist candidate in the upcoming Georgia Governor’s race.  Three men in the photo three men can be seen making a hand sign with three fingers extended, which is associated with white supremacy.

Take a moment and let Candidate Williams know how you feel about his clear shameless association with anti-American hate groups.

Mr. William’s cell is (770) 287-4563 and his email is