The White House is making the case for its FY18 national budget and is stating that it is the “first proposed budget (that) shows respect for the people who pay the bills” despite a massive increase in the already bloated defense budget by increasing defense spending by $54 billion and further entrenching the heavy handed immigration and border enforcement by providing $2.6 billion in increased funding for border security claiming it is to put “Americans’ safety first”.

Already the United States spends more on national defense than the next eight highest countries (China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Kingdom, India, France, Germany, and Japan) combined. Defense spending accounts for almost 16 percent of all federal spending and roughly half of discretionary spending with the U.S. spending $611 billion in 2016 and a $54 billion increase is almost 9% more.

Border security funding is an encompassing claim that the White House would prefer to use to build a massive wall on our southern border as well as increase CBP and ICE agents to further terrorize refugee and immigrant communities through their heavy handed enhanced tactics.

Please take a moment to call your Congressman letting him know you are opposed to the White House’s proposed increases to defense and border security in the 2018 budget.

If you know your congressman here is their contact information:

Hank Johnson – 770 987 2291
John Lewis – 404 659 0116
Buddy Carter – 912 352 0101
Sanford Bishop – 229 439 8067
Drew Ferguson – 770 683 2033
Rob Woodall – 770 232 3005
Austin Scott – 229 396 5175
Doug Collins – 770 297 3388
Jody Hice – 478 457 0007
Barry Loudermilk – 770 429 1776
Rick Allen – 706 228 1980
David Scott – 770 210 5073
Tom Graves – 706 290 1776

Or if you live in the 6th District you now have two candidates to contact:

Karen Handle – 470 255 2112
Jon Ossof – 770 609 5592

Please call your Congressman and state…..

Please let the Congressman know I am opposed to President Trump’s proposed increases in defense and border security funding and I am specifically opposed to any funding used to build a border wall.

After calling please send an email to your Congressman (you will need your four digit zip code extension) with the following (or a personal version of it) with the drop down menu topic “Budget” and the subject line “2018 Budget”:


I am opposed to President Trump’s massive proposed increases in defense and border security funding and I am specifically opposed to any funding used to build a border wall.

I support the welcoming of refugees and immigrants into the U.S. and Georgia but do not support building an unnecessary border wall nor in the increased terrorization of refugee and immigrant communities in Georgia and the U.S. by CBP and ICE.

Please take a vocal leadership stance against the further demonization of our refugee and immigrant communities by the White House and against the wasteful spending submitted in the White House’s 2018 budget.

Thank You,

Your Name

(Remember to change Your Name to your name.)