We are still waiting for a ruling from both the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in case No. 17-1351, International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump and State of Hawaii, et al. v. Trump pending in the United States Courts for the Ninth Circuit on the President’s Travel Ban. You can find our original posting on the Fourth Circuit here and the Ninth Circuit here.

In the State of Hawaii, et al. v. Trump case there was a Members of Congress Amicus Brief stating the Executive Order discriminated on religion and nationality asking for “This Court should hold unlawful the Executive Order, allowing the President to protect the nation’s security in ways that comply with the Constitution and our nation’s laws.”.

It was signed by 165 members of both the Senate and House of Representatives. The only signatories from Georgia were Representative John Lewis, Representative Hank Johnson and Representative Sandford Bishop Jr.

Both Senators Isakson and Perdue as well as the ten other Congressional Representatives from Georgia were missing from this important document.

Please take a moment this morning to call one or more of those Representatives who did sign the brief to thank them for their leadership especially if your Congressman is one of those who did sign. You do not need to live in their district make this call.

If you do not know who your Congressman is you will need your four digit zip code extension.

Sanford Bishop – 229 439 8067
Hank Johnson – 770 987 2291
John Lewis – 404 659 0116

Please call and state…..

Please tell the Congressman thank you for joining 165 other member of congress in signing the Amicus Brief in the case of Hawaii vs Trump defending the rights of refugee and immigrants to enter our country.

If one of the above Representatives is your Congressman please also send an email with the following (or a personal version of it) with the drop down menu topic “Immigration” and the subject line “Hawaii vs Trump”:


Thank you for joining a bipartisan group of 165 of your Congressional colleagues in signing onto the Amicus Brief to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals expressing concern over the discrimination against refugees and immigrants in the President’s Executive Order.  

I fully support welcoming refugees to the U.S. and Georgia and have been alarmed at the victimization this Presidential administration has taken against our fellow human beings fleeing persecution.

Thank you for your leadership in ensuring those most vulnerable among us are given a safe and welcoming second chance to rebuild their lives here in America and your opposition this administration’s overt discrimination against refugees and immigrants.

Thank You,

Your Name

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