Refugee arrivals into the U.S. have thankfully continued since the 1st Executive Order was rescinded by the 2nd Executive Order rolling back almost 40 years of bi-partisan humanitarian support for welcoming fellow human beings fleeing persecution.

The 2nd Executive Order was struck down in Circuit courts in both Hawaii and Maryland and will be heard in both Appellate courts this month. Despite the outcome of both Appellate courts the ban is headed for the Supreme Court.

Refugee arrivals have unfortunately dropped since January but rebounded slightly in April. Arrivals into the U.S. were: January 6,777 February 4,580 March 2,070 April 3,316. Georgia has continued to receive its approximate proportionate share of those U.S. arrivals: January 214 February 130 March 74 April 115.

The pipeline for identifying, vetting, and admitting refugees into the U.S. is a long and fragile bureaucratic system. It serves it purpose ensuring that the most vulnerable are admitted however many international partners and the Department of State and Department of Homeland Security have large roles in the pre arrival process. Any hiccups in the process can have far reaching and devastating effects on the refugee pipeline.

This story from the Washington Post raises the alarm that the pipeline is in danger due to “a global moratorium on Homeland Security officials interviewing resettlement applicants drags into its fourth month” putting the heart of the refugee pipeline in jeopardy. This concern is important enough for 11 Democrat and five Republican Senators to send a letter to Secretaries Tillerson and Kelly voicing their concern.

Conspicuously missing are Senators Isakson and Perdue.

Please take a moment this morning to call Senator Perdue letting him know you are concerned about the disruption in overseas refugee processing and your disappointment in not joining your Senate colleagues in signing on to this letter.

Please call Senator Perdue at 404 865-0087 and state…..

Please ask the Senator to join his 16 bipartisan Senate colleagues in signing onto the letter to Secretaries Tillerson and Kelly expressing concern over the disruption in overseas refugee processing. I fully support refugee resettlement into the U.S. and Georgia.

After calling please send an email to Senator Perdue with the following (or a personal version of it) with the drop down menu topic “Immigration” and the subject line “Refugees”:


I was disappointed to see you did not join a bipartisan group of 16 of your Senate colleagues in signing onto a letter to Secretaries Tillerson and Kelly expressing concern over the disruption in the overseas refugee processing pipeline.

I fully support welcoming refugees to the U.S. and Georgia and have been alarmed at the victimization this Presidential administration has taken against our fellow human beings fleeing persecution.

Please ask to be added to this very important letter and become a vocal leader in ensuring those most vulnerable among us are given a safe and welcoming second chance to rebuild their lives here in America.

Thank You,

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