On Friday we provided guidance on contacting the Governor regarding the unfortunate signing of HB37, the bill changing current Georgia law to penalize private postsecondary institutions who provide refuge to immigrants by establishing themselves as sanctuary campuses.

The next step is to contact your state Representative asking that the bill’s approval be overturned in the Georgia General Assembly (admittedly a very long shot but change will only come if we ensure our elected officials are always asked to stand for a cause).

Please call your state Representative (call both capitol and district numbers) and ask them ….. I am disappointed that Governor Deal signed the discriminatory anti-immigrant HB37 and ask you to take the lead on calling for an override in the General Assembly of HB 37.

After calling send the following email, or your own version, with the subject line “HB 37”


I am very disappointed in Governor Deal for signing anti-immigrant bill HB37 and I am asking you to take the lead in the General Assembly to call for an override of its passage.

HB37, goes to great lengths to ensure Georgia is viewed as an unwelcoming state and will remove all federal pass thru and state funding, including students losing access to the Hope Scholarship and Tuition Equalization Grants, from private universities such as Agnes Scott and Emory placing an undue hardship on both the university community and the immigrant community.

I welcome all newcomers, including refugees and immigrants, to Georgia and to my community and expect the state legislature to reflect those same ideals.

Thank You,

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