The outrage of arbitrary Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) raids has arrived to the refugee community in Atlanta. The persecution Somali refugees fled has now reached them in their new home except now the persecution comes at the hands of the executive branch of the U.S. federal government.

This article from the AJC tell us more but we have been working in the Clarkston and DeKalb communities with refugees and immigrants for over a decade and this is the first time we have seen this type of jack-booted heavy-handed roundup take place and it is incredibly disturbing to see our own tax dollars being used to further tear families apart and re-traumatize this community.

Just for a moment try and imagine how you would feel if, after losing your home and homeland and watching your family and neighbors brutally murdered, then fleeing across a large and inhospitable desert with your children, to get to a miserable refugee camp that is only slightly more safe than where you came from to spend 8-10 years waiting for the longshot opportunity to resettle in the U.S. to finally be granted the invitation to restart your life. Then going through the trauma of leaving your home behind to come to a strange place where you hope to be welcomed only to ultimately have the remainder of your family that you came with be pulled off a sidewalk in broad daylight by the country that welcomed you and shuffled to an immigration prison to be deported right back to where you fled.

Is this how we want to treat those fleeing persecution?

Over the next few days we will keep you updated on this story as it evolves and also provide the contact information and guidelines on how to raise our collective voice against these atrocities.

Please take a moment this morning to call Senator Isakson letting him know the outrageous actions of I.C.E. do not represent our state or his constituency.

Please call Senator Isakson at 202 224 3643 and state…..

Please tell the Senator I am deeply upset with the raids conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement this month in the DeKalb County area. Please take a public and vocal stance against I.C.E. and their tactics to terrorize the refugee and immigrant community and if they do not cease these activities I would like for the Senator to take steps to defund the I.C.E. budget going forward.

After calling please send an email to Senator Isakson with the following (or a personal version of it) with the drop down menu topic “Immigration” and the subject line “I.C.E. Raids”:


I am deeply disturbed and appalled at the actions of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in our state. Our federal government is terrorizing our refugee and immigrant community and splitting up families through its arbitrary raids and deportations.

Please take a public and vocal stance against I.C.E. and their tactics and if they do not cease these activities please take steps to defund the I.C.E. budget going forward.

Thank You,

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