A repeat request from last Tuesday’s post. Apologies for the repetition but unfortunately this is what is required to ensure the Governor hears our collective voice…..

Unfortunately now that HB37, changing current Georgia law to penalize private postsecondary institutions who provide refuge to immigrants by establishing themselves as sanctuary campuses, passed both houses this legislative session it is with the Governor for his signature.

Please call Governor Deal at 404 656 1776 and state…..Please ask Governor Deal to veto the anti-immigrant HB37. HB37 further exacerbates the xenophobic rhetoric making its way through our state and country. I welcome all newcomers, including refugees and immigrants, to Georgia and to our community and expect the Governor to reflect those same ideals.

After calling send an email to Governor Deal using the drop down topic of “Immigration”. Also feel free to leave blank or add your organization and relationship to organization. And do not click the button declining a response. If you get a response feel free to add it to the comments on this page.

Governor Deal,

Please veto the anti-immigrant bill HB37.

HB37, goes to great lengths to ensure Georgia is viewed as an unwelcoming state and will remove all federal pass thru and state funding, including students losing access to the Hope Scholarship and Tuition Equalization Grants, from private universities such as Agnes Scott and Emory placing an undue hardship on both the university community and the immigrant community.

I welcome all newcomers, including refugees and immigrants, to Georgia and to my community and expect the state legislature to reflect those same ideals.

Again please veto HB37.

Thank You,

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