Normally we would let it go at this point as we have other fried fish to deal with but because the highest ranking candidate for the 2018 Georgia Governor’s race is Lt. Governor Casey Cagle we need to take advantage of every opportunity to let him know how we feel about “welcoming the stranger” into our country, state, and local communities. While he did not have to vote to break a Senate tie on either HB452 or HB37 so did not have to go on record with his preference neither did he come out vocally and publicly opposed to either bill per our multiple requests.

Since he is now going to be focused on his Governor campaign let us reach out to him and let him know once again that there is a solid constituency that supports refugees, immigrants and diversity of all types in our state.

Please call Lt. Governor Cagle at 404 656 5030 and state…..Please tell Lt. Governor Cagle I was disappointed he did not come out in vocal opposition to both HB452 and HB37. In the future I ask that he take a leadership stance public opposition to discrimination against refugees and immigrants.

After calling send an email to Lt. Governor Cagle using the drop down topic of “Legislation”. Also feel free to leave blank or add your organization and relationship to organization. And do not click the button declining a response. If you get a response feel free to add it to the comments on this page.

Lt. Governor Cagle,

I am disappointed in your lack of vocal opposition to the anti-immigrant bills HB452 and HB37. In the future please use your campaign for Governor to take a leadership stance public opposition to discrimination against refugees and immigrants and ensure that Georgia remains a welcoming state for all newcomers.

Thank You,

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