After a review of the President’s Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil McGill Gorsuch we have determined that he would be an unwise choice for America based on his track record with immigrant and refugee rights.

The Alliance for Justice has created a useful one pager on Judge Gorsuch’s record outlining his support of police tactics, racial and ethnic discrimination, and denial of immigrant’s appeals. In fact their assessment of him is “After a thorough review of his record, Alliance for Justice has concluded that Judge Gorsuch takes a dim view of immigrants’ legal claims in court. He has ruled against immigrants’ claims in agency proceedings, in their cases against law enforcement, and in other cases.”

With that we are asking you to contact Senator Perdue to ask him to take a public stance against Judge Gorsuch and to vote against his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Please call Senator Perdue at 404 865 0087 and state….. Please tell the Senator that I am opposed to the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and ask the Senator to vote against his nomination.

After calling please send an email to Senator Perdue with the following (or a personal version of it) with the drop down menu topic “Judiciary” and the subject line “Neil Gorsuch”:


I am opposed to the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and ask you to vote against his nomination. Judge Gorsuch has a well-established track record of ruling against immigrant and refugee rights.

I welcome all newcomers, including refugees and immigrants, to the U.S., to Georgia, and to my community and expect Congress and the Supreme Court to reflect those same ideals.

Please vote no on the nomination of Neil Gorsuch.  

Thank You,

Your Name

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Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday to shop at Whole Foods  to support the work of the International Rescue Committee.