Following up our most recent previous post regarding HB452 which creates a public registry of non-citizens/legal residents; ostensibly to facilitate their detention and deportation. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation would be in charge of maintaining and publishing this list instead of focusing on protecting us and solving crimes.

The Senate Public Safety Committee passed this bill thru the Senate committee this past week.

Please take a moment to let the committee know you are disappointed in their passing the bill through committee and to vote against it on the floor.

Please email the Senate Public Safety Committee, your Senator, and Lt. Governor Cagle regarding HB452

Please contact the members of the committee with an email. In the “to” column cut and paste:;;;;;;;;

And in the “cc” column add your State Senator (if not on the committee) and a subject line of “HB37”:

Members of the Senate Public Safety Committee,

I am disappointed to see the anti-immigrant bill HB452 pass favorably through the Senate Public Safety committee. HB452, goes to great lengths to ensure Georgia is viewed as an unwelcoming state and will encumber the Georgia Bureau of Investigation by focusing their efforts on maintaining and publishing this list instead of focusing on protecting us and solving crimes.

This bill requires the state to proactively spread personal information into communities creating an atmosphere of distrust and discrimination against undocumented households. During the House committee hearing this bill, and our undocumented neighbors, were equated with the Sex Offenders Registry and those listed on it. 

This bill is intended to ensure that communities, including local law enforcement, are provoked into remaining vocally opposed to our undocumented families so they remain in consistent fear. Providing personal information, including the home address, on entire undocumented households because one member was released from detention, is a tool clearly designed to institute fear into communities and encourage harassment. 

I welcome all newcomers, including refugees and immigrants, to Georgia and to my community and expect the state legislature to reflect those same ideals.

Please do what you can to not give HB452 a floor vote and vote No if it is voted upon. 

Thank You,

Your Name
123 Main Street
Atlanta, GA 31234

(Remember to change Your Name and address to your name.)

Then please call Lt. Governor Cagle at 404 656 5030 and state…..Please ask Lt. Governor Cagle to hold HB452 without further action and publicly take a stand in vocal opposition to all current and forthcoming house bills that discriminate against refugees and immigrants.

After calling send the same email to Lt. Governor Cagle using the drop down topic of “Legislation”. Also feel free to leave blank or add your organization and relationship to organization. And do not click the button declining a response. If you get a response feel free to add it to the comments on this page.