Several state Attorney Generals including Hawaii, Washington, Minnesota, New York, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Oregon have individually or jointly filed multiple lawsuits against the President’s second Executive Order. The second order, much like the first, raises a host of constitutional complaints, including that the ban contravenes the due-process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and discriminates against Muslims in violation of the equal-protection clause and the First Amendment rule against establishing religion.

Please take a moment this morning to call Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr and ask him to join the attorney generals from other states who have taken a public stance to legally challenge President Trump’s executive order against Muslims, refugees and immigrants.

Please call Attorney General Chris Carr’s office at (404) 656-3300 and state…..Please ask Attorney General Carr to join the lawsuits of other state attorney generals who have taken a leadership role in opposing the President’s discriminatory Executive Order against Muslims, refugees, and immigrants.  

After calling please also email Attorney General Carr at with the following message (or a personal version of it) and the subject line “Executive Order”:

Attorney General Carr,

I support refugee resettlement in the U.S. I am strongly opposed to the Executive Order from President Trump that slashes refugee admissions, brings all resettlement to a halt, and stops resettling refugees from certain countries. This discrimination is in opposition of core American values and this country’s founding principles. It does not reflect the welcome for refugees I see in my community every day. Please take a leadership stance in supporting one of the existing lawsuits filed by other states against the Executive Order.

I would also appreciate a response from your office regarding your stance on this matter.

Thank You,

Your Name
123 Main Street
Atlanta, GA 31234

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