Yesterday, March 7, 2017, the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies hosted its annual New Americans Celebration at the state capitol that included a naturalization ceremony for our newest American neighbors. More than 300+ supporters, refugees, legislators, volunteers and stakeholders showed up to participate in celebrating the positive impact refugees and immigrants have on Georgia. If you attended thank you very much. If you did not attend please consider joining us next year.

Every year the CRSA invites Governor Deal to speak at the event, meet with the group, and take a minute to pose for a picture with the group (as he does with almost every other group) but up until this year he has declined to do so. This year however the Governor took the time to support refugees by posing for a photo inside the capitol with the entire group.

Please take a moment this morning to communicate with Governor Deal and let him know his participation in the refugee and immigrant community is noticed and that you thank him for welcoming refugees and immigrants into the state.

Please call Governor Deal at 404-656-1776 and state….. Please tell Governor Deal thank you for his participation in the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies annual New American’s Celebration yesterday at the Capitol and for taking a photo with the group.

After calling (or if you do not call send the email anyway) send an email to Governor Deal with the following (or a personal version of it) and:

  • Are you writing on behalf of an organization or group? Organization Name: Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies
  • Position or Title: Supporter
  • Category drop down: Immigration
  • Do NOT click: “I just want Governor Deal to know my opinion so it will be counted.” If you receive a response please send it to or post it in the comments below.


Every year the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies (CRSA), a coalition of fourteen individual agencies whose mission is to engage a broad coalition to highlight the cultural, social and economic contributions of refugees and immigrants in Georgia, invites you to participate in their New American’s Celebration at the Capitol and this year you generously showed your support for refugees by taking a photo with the group.

Please know that I support refugees, immigrants and the continued resettling of refugees into the U.S., Georgia and my community. As my Governor I thank you for sharing my vision of Georgia as open, welcoming, and hospitable to refugee, immigrants and all other residents of the state.

Thank You,

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