Today is crossover day and both sides of the general assembly will be working until midnight in an attempt to get as many bills approved on each side so they can be considered by the other this legislative session. There are several discriminatory bills on both sides we are monitoring but today we would like to promote two supportive bills and take a positive approach to our advocacy.

The Senate Government Oversight Committee is meeting at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon with no agenda publicly provided (an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed) so we are unsure if the two pro-immigrant/refugee bills, SB100 & SB93, we are supporting have made their way onto the agenda.

SB100 provides that no person possessing a valid visa to enter the United States shall be detained or rejected from entry into the United States at any airport or water port in this state; effectively taking a stand against President Trump’s unconstitutional executive order.

SB93 provides for the identification and contacting of legal immigrants to facilitate applications for naturalization supporting an increase in the number of eligible immigrants and refugees who obtain citizenship.

Please take a moment to email the members of the Senate Government Oversight Committee this morning asking them to ensure SB100 & SB93 are on the agenda for the meeting and ask them to pass them thru committee for a full Senate vote today.

Please contact the members of the committee with an email. In the “to” column cut and paste:;;;;;

And in the “cc” column add the combined sponsors of both bills:;;;;;;;

Also add your State Senator (if not on the committee) in the “cc” column with a subject line of “SB100 & SB93”:

Members of the Senate Government Oversight Committee and Bill Sponsors,

I support both SB100 and SB93 and ask that you ensure both bills are on the agenda for this afternoon’s meeting and to pass both bills from committee with your full support. Please then do everything in your power to ensure both bills make the crossover day deadline with a full, supportive, vote in the Senate.

SB100 and SB93 are positive steps in countering the xenophobic rhetoric making its way through our state and country. I welcome all newcomers, including refugees and immigrants, to Georgia and to my community and expect the state legislature to reflect those same ideals.

Thank You,

Your Name
123 Main Street
Atlanta, GA 31234

(Remember to change Your Name and address to your name.)

Please also send the same or similar email to Lt. Governor Cagle with the drop down topic “Legislation”. Also feel free to leave blank or add your organization and relationship to organization. And do not click the button declining a response. If you get a response feel free to add it to the comments on this page.

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