A subcommittee hearing of the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee has been scheduled for 2:00 p.m. this afternoon on HB452 which creates a public registry of non-citizens/legal residents; ostensibly to facilitate their detention and deportation. Instead of fighting crime the Georgia Bureau of Investigation would be in charge of maintaining and publishing this list.

The members of the subcommittee needs to hear from you before the meeting starts that you oppose this type of unwelcoming legislation. Please contact the members of the Public Safety and Homeland Security subcommittee with an email. In the “to” column cut and paste:

eddie.lumsden@house.ga.gov; micah.gravley@house.ga.gov: gerald.greene@house.ga.govmack.jackson@house.ga.gov; mike.glanton@house.ga.gov; j.collins@house.ga.gov; alanpowell23@hotmail.com; heath.clark@house.ga.gov

And in the “cc” column add Speaker David Ralston david.ralston@house.ga.gov and your Georgia House Representative (if not on the committee) and a subject line of “HB 452”:

Members of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Subcommittee,

Please do not pass HB 452 out of committee and publicly take a stand in vocal opposition to all current and forthcoming anti-immigration bills. HB 452, and bills like it, are an anathema to Georgia’s founding and our longstanding reputation for hospitality. I welcome all newcomers, including refugees and immigrants, to Georgia and to my community and expect the state legislature to reflect those same ideals.

Thank You,

Your Name
123 Main Street
Atlanta, GA 31234

(Remember to change Your Name and address to your name.)

Also if you have time before 2:00 p.m. please call the offices of these key members of the subcommittee using the phrase “please hold HB 452 in subcommittee and do not pass it”

Representative Eddie Lumsden – 404.656.0325
Representative Micah Gravely – 404.656.0152
Representative Gerald Greene – 404.656.5105
Representative J. Collins – 404.656.0109