Please take a moment this morning to contact your State Senator and the Senate Government Oversight Committee in support of SB100.

SB100 provides that no person possessing a valid visa to enter the United States shall be detained or rejected from entry into the United States at any airport or water port in this state; effectively taking a stand against President Trump’s unconstitutional executive order.

Please contact the members of the committee with an email. In the “to” column cut and paste:;;;;;

And in the “cc” column add your State Senator (if not on the committee) and a subject line of “SB100”:

Members of the Senate Government Oversight Committee,

I support SB100 and ask that you pass the bill from committee with your full support. SB100 is a positive step in countering the xenophobic rhetoric making its way through our state and country.  I welcome all newcomers, including refugees and immigrants, to Georgia and to my community and expect the state legislature to reflect those same ideals.

Thank You,

Your Name
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Atlanta, GA 31234