A follow up to the Town Hall requests we have made to Senators Isakson and Perdue. Senator Perdue’s office has stated they are considering a town hall and if he agrees to schedule one he will post it on his website, facebook page, twitter account or in a local newspaper. Please remain vigilant as there is the possibility that if scheduled it will be minimally posted and on very short notice. If you become aware of this scheduled town hall please let us know at georgiaadvocacyalert@gmail.com and we will post it. And of course if he does schedule a town hall we need everyone to attend to let him know that what is going on in Washington is not acceptable and that specifically his sponsored bill to permanently reduce the number of immigrants and refugees into the U.S. is in direct opposition to who we are as Americans.

Please do not confuse a legitimate town hall with a constituent work day, where the Senator is not present, and is intended for staff to hear constituent concerns. With that said Senator Perdue does have two upcoming constituent work days on February 20 in Tifton, GA and February 23 in McDonough, GA. Recently a constituent work day jointly held by both Senators and Congressman Hice in Greensboro, GA on Friday February 10 turned into a rally (watch the 20 minute video) because as one attendee stated “We have no voice, no representation in the Senate as our senators refuse to hear our concerns.” Followers of this blog are highly encouraged to make the effort to attend both of Senator Perdue’s upcoming constituent work days to relay the same message. If the Senator will not come to us then we will go to him.

For Senator Isakson his office stated he had no plans of holding a town hall while in Georgia but does plan to hold a telephone town hall in the next week. Please go here to sign up for Senator Isakson’s newsletter and telephone town halls. The telephone town halls are usually held on weekday evenings around dinnertime and not always announced ahead of time. Usually you will just receive a phone call patching you directly into the conference line. You need to be ready now with a question in anticipation of the call and follow the prompts to queue in the “ask a question” line (or you can just listen but we need you ready to jump in with a question).

As always use your own discretion but question examples could include:

“What are you doing to ensure refugees are welcome in Georgia?”
“How are you using your position to stand up to President Trump’s Muslim ban?”
“Please tell us how you are supporting the sanctuary city movement.”
“How are you countering Senator Perdue’s deeply un-American RAISE Act?”