Remember to join the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies for the “GEORGIA LOVES REFUGEES” PRESS CONFERENCE this morning at 11:00 a.m. at the Clarkston Community Center.

If you have not already done so please sign this petition asking Senator Perdue to host a town hall meeting in the metro Atlanta area. After signing the petition; email and call Senator Perdue at 404 865 0087 asking him to schedule a town hall in Atlanta before March. Afterwards please call Senator Isakson at 770 661 0999 and email him with the same request.

For the email you can use the subject line “Town Hall Request” and the following, or your own version of it, in the email:


Next week (Feb. 20-24) is an in-district work week for Congress, and is also the first full week members of Congress are in their home offices since the inauguration of President Trump and the subsequent signing of his Executive Orders rolling back decades of progress our country has made. Knowing you will not be home again for this long until April it is important to make the time to meet with your constituents. Please schedule a Town Hall meeting in the metro Atlanta area next week and please follow up with me regarding the scheduling of this event.

Thank You,

Your Name

(Remember to change Your Name to your name.)

Speaking of Town Halls Congressman Hank Johnson hosted an outstanding town hall this past Sunday evening at the Clarkston Community Center. Even if you did not attend please call him at 770 987 2291 and, if you are a constituent, email Congressman Johnson thanking him for taking the time to listen to the residents of his district and for his leadership in supporting refugees and immigrants.