Please take a moment this morning to call Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston about HB 12 a bill that adds a state fee per transmittal of $10 for transactions up to $500 and 2% of transactions over $500 for transferring money from banks and other transmitter services such as Western Union and Walmart. The fees incurred are reapplied as tax credits when taxes are filed the following year. This bill would place an unnecessary financial burden upon families wishing to transfer money both domestically and overseas and, yes those filing their taxes would eventually receive the fee back in tax credits, but households could have to wait up to 16 months to receive the reimbursement and force those to itemize who would not normally be required to do so. Additionally this bill would create a bureaucratic increase in regulations for the Department of Revenue and all of us who file taxes in Georgia.

However in addition to the above the real purpose of this bill is an attempt to penalize Georgia’s undocumented immigrant population under the theory that they are taking our jobs, not paying taxes, and sending money out the country.

Please call Speaker Ralston’s office at (404) 656-5020 and state…..Please ask Speaker Ralston to hold HB 12 without action and publicly take a stand in vocal opposition to all current and forthcoming anti-immigrant bills.

If you need more…..House Bill 12 is an unnecessary bill that is a misguided attempt to solve a problem that does not exist; that of undocumented immigrants not contributing to our states tax base and communities.

After calling (or if you do not call still send the email anyway) send an email to Speaker Ralston at with the following (or a personal version of it) and a subject line of “No on HB 12”:

Speaker Ralston,

Please hold HB 12 without action and publicly take a stand in vocal opposition to all current and forthcoming anti-immigration bills. HB 12 and bills like it are an anathema to Georgia’s founding and our longstanding reputation for hospitality. I welcome all newcomers, including refugees and immigrants, to Georgia and to my community and expect the state legislature to reflect those ideals.

Thank You,

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