Please take a personal moment this morning to call (the White House phone line is still not accepting calls) email President Trump about his claim yesterday that three to five million “illegal” ballots cost him the popular vote. Not only has virtually every media fact checker stated the claim is not supported by any verifiable facts but also analyses of the election found no single confirmed case of voter fraud, let alone millions.

Please send an email to President Trump using your personal email and contact information at with the following (or a personal version of it). From the drop down list choose “Reflections for the President”

President Trump,

Your claim of three to five million votes by “illegal” immigrants in this country has been proven untrue by every prominent media group and suggests a xenophobic based blame attempt that has no factual basis. Please take a moment today and rescind your comments incorrectly blaming immigrants for the number of votes cast as well as apologize for using the derogatory term “illegal” towards our fellow human beings as it implies that a person’s very existence is criminal. In the words of Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Holocaust Survivor Eli Wiesel “No human being is illegal.”.

Thank You,

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