Please take a moment this morning to call and write Georgia Representative Jason Spencer (R) District 180 Woodbine about his highly racially tinged legislation and inappropriate response to a constituent. It does not matter if you do not live in his district.

You may recall Representative Spencer pre-filed HB 3 in the Georgia General Assembly in November only to withdraw it a few days later due to public opposition.

As part of that opposition a constituent of Representative Hill, Mr. Dana Sweeney – as a good resident should, contacted his representative in opposition to the proposed legislation and to express his disappointment that he let his Facebook be filled with anti-Muslim rhetoric. Mr. Sweeney also stated he was donating to CAIR Georgia  as part of his support for Muslims in Georgia.

Representative Spencer replied calling Mr. Sweeney an “enemy of America” for supporting CAIR and insinuated he could be acting in a treasonous way for his actions (donating to CAIR) and stated he will be looking into ways in the future of putting forth similar legislation. See excerpts below.

Please call Representative Spencer’s office at 404 656 0177 and state…..

Please tell Representative Spencer I am appalled by his anti-Muslim rhetoric and no politician should accuse his own constituent of treason for exercising his constitutional right to free speech. Please ask him to apologize to Mr. Sweeney. Thank You.

You will likely be asked to leave your name and number. You can do so if you choose but it is not necessary.

If you need more….. Council on American-Islamic Relations, is our nation’s largest Muslim civil rights organization and promotes justice by engaging in interfaith dialogue, countering illegal discrimination, and building coalitions with our fellow Americans. Our nation was founded on religious freedom and freedom from oppression.

After calling (or if you do not call still send the email anyway) send an email to Representative Spencer at with the following (or a personal version of it) (you can choose your own subject line or leave it blank):

Representative Spencer,

I am disappointed in your leadership and appalled by your anti-Muslim rhetoric.  No politician should accuse his own constituent of treason for exercising his constitutional right to free speech. Such bigotry is not only disappointing, but dangerous. Please apologize publicly to Mr. Sweeney and reconsider filing any additional discriminatory legislation.

Thank You,

Your Name

(Remember to change Your Name to your name.)